Warsaw Mermaid

fencing tournament

The Fencing Epee Tournament

VIII Competition of Epee Amateur Fencing and
V Children Fencing Tournament "Warsaw Mermaid".


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"Warsaw Mermaid"

Please welcome to the VIII Competition of Epee Amateur Fencing and V Children and Youth Fencing Tournament "Warsaw Mermaid"! We will start on 06-07 Aprill 2019 in Warsaw Fencing Club Warszawianka.



Adults and Children

Registration for the Adult Amateurs tournament is only accepted electronically by e-mail: cup@fencing4fun.com. Registration for the Children and Youth tournament should be done via the Polish Fencing Federation or personally before the tournament.




Children Tournament will be held according to the FIE regulations. Please note: in Amateurs competition can participate only adult persons affiliated / not-affiliated to any fencing clubs or amateurs practicing fencing as a hobby (non-professionals).


Organization of competitions

Amateur Tournament.

The competition will start on April 6, 2019 r. in both categories: men eppe and women epee. Beginning: from 10:15

Children Tournament.

The tournament will start on April 07, 2019 r. in both categories: boys eppe and girls epee. Beginning: from 10:00

Awards and Trophies.

For the participants of both Tournaments we've prepared valuable prizes and commemorative souvenirs.

Live stream.

Follow the results of the "Warsaw Mermaid" tournament.
Results on-line >>
Amateurs finals >>
Children's finals >>


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